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not your grandma's metal braces

KLOwen custom metal braces

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KLOwen custom clear braces

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KLOwen custom braces

dobie revolution orthodontics is proud to be Connecticut’s first orthodontic provider of a new custom braces system for our patients.

  • We tailor our treatments to fit you and your unique smile needs.

  • Providing KLOwen custom braces allows us to provide treatment that caters to each individual patient.

  • dobie revolution orthodontics believes your braces should be designed with your smile and its exact needs in mind.

the future of orthodontic treatment!

Your custom braces treatment begins with a 3D digital scan at our office, using the latest iTero 5D scanner. We will then use that scan to digitally design and create an ideal treatment plan using special indirect digital bonding (IDB) software. This software helps us choose the perfect custom brackets for a quicker and more effective orthodontic treatment plan. Your braces are then placed using 3D-printed trays that help ensure a more precise placement.

KLOwen custom braces FAQ

Patients and parents appreciate all the time they save with our custom braces.

a picture that shows the difference between traditional braces and klowen custom braces.

Ready to get started?

  • 1

    First Visit

    We take a 3D scan of your teeth and bite - no more goopy impressions. Then, we digitally plan your treatment and assemble your custom brackets.

  • 2

    Digital Design

    We design the perfect smile and bite, specifically for you, using the latest software technology in dentistry.

  • 3

    Braces On

    About 4 weeks after your first appointment, we perfectly place your braces using a 3D printed tray.

  • 4

    Smile Faster

    Before you know it, your new smile is ready for its big reveal, and Stride Custom Braces significantly reduce the need for frequent office visits so you'll spend less time in our office and more time smiling.

what is the process of getting KLOwen custom braces?

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Braces FAQs

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (203) 288-0900 to discuss your many options! You won’t believe how quickly you can see a change in your smile with the appropriate treatment.

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