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Address: 2600 Dixwell Ave, Ste 2A, Hamden, CT 06514

join the revolution...actually enjoy going to the orthodontist!

Hamden braces, Invisalign, & orthodontics

Address: 405 Church St, Ste 2, Guilford, CT 06437

join the revolution...actually enjoy going to the orthodontist!

guilford braces, Invisalign, & orthodontics

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We are also a VIP Diamond Invisalign provider for the CT shoreline and the greater New Haven area.

All consultations are free and we can provide you with a custom treatment plan during your appointment.

Branford Orthodontic Services

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Traditional & Clear

The traditional metal braces that we offer are very different to the metal braces many people remember from years ago. But not everyone is as excited about metal braces as we are, so we offer another option that is much less noticeable than metal braces. 



Braces Alternative

One of the biggest reasons people choose to not correct their smile is the fear that their only option is wearing braces. We are happy to say that braces are not your only option. Invisalign can accomplish the same outcome as long as you are dedicated at wearing them!


Pre-Ortho Observation

Early treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children see an orthodontist by age 7. Most children will not require early treatment; however, this assessment will determine the most ideal age for your child's specific situation.

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surgical orthodontics

For Severe Cases

Surgical orthodontics, also called orthognathic surgery, is used for treating severe cases of jaw bone abnormalities and malocclusions (bad bites). We are proud to offer combined orthodontic and surgical management of severe skeletal discrepancies to our patients.

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dobie revolution orthodontics

Since 1990, we have served families of the Greater New Haven area with quality orthodontic treatment. Our practice was started with the vision that treating patients is more than just improving their smile. Instead, we believe that an atmosphere of friendship and humor and bringing a fun and positive experience to the office is just as important.

In 2015, Dr. Thomas Dobie joined the practice and continued this vision with the mantra: Love Your Smile. With offices now in Hamden and Guilford, we are able to provide beautiful smiles to even more people along the Connecticut shoreline.

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when kids and adults walk into our office they immediately feel a little more at ease

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dobie revolution orthodontics is the official smile partner of USA Skateboarding

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Kaury KuceraKaury Kucera
20:30 09 Jan 24
Would you believe that kiddo trips to the orthodontist make us all super excited? I don’t but here I am with a stupid grin because Dobie + Rollins in Hamden is such a happy place (superb professional dental care too, of course).
Jean LaudanoJean Laudano
19:54 12 Dec 23
Awesome vibe! The office Makes the ortho appointment fun! But most of all Dr. Dobie is cool, compassionate and honest. Top notch orthodontist. Researches and updates technology for best, affordable results!
Rick HRick H
01:36 29 Oct 23
The absolute best orthodontics in the area! Dr. Dobie is an amazing Dr., very knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough. The office in Hamden itself is very cool with great music, lights throughout, old school Jordan's and other Nikes displayed throughout, old school video games, coffee and other drinks available. Definitely not your typical boring Dentist office, it's very cool, very hip and the staff is crazy friendly! The care I received was top-notch and very affordable. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
Level 1 ORLevel 1 OR
17:47 26 Oct 23
Great place. The staff is amazing. The office makes you feel you are in a party! And Dr. Dobie is fantastic.I probably would never said this but I’ll miss going to the orthodontist.Thank you guys.
18:41 12 Oct 23
Thank you thank you Dr. Dobie for my son's perfect smile. Amazing Orthodontist and perfect office for children they might not want to go home, such an amazing guy and awesome staff. I highly recommend.
Julian AramburuJulian Aramburu
20:44 25 Sep 23
I had the best experience with my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Dobie. My teeth were a true mess and he did magic, and I’m so happy with the final result. Was recommended as the best orthodontist in the New Haven area, and he definitely delivered the best experience. Thanks for the careful treatment, Dr. Dobie! And thanks to the wonderful whole team at the Hamden office too, they always made me feel at home and in the best hands.
Joshua MooreJoshua Moore
19:53 20 Sep 23
I recently had Invisalign treatment at Dobie Orthodontist's new office, and it was fantastic. Their friendly and knowledgeable team, along with their dedication to community support through school supply donations, stood out. The office's modern atmosphere, with a DJ and cool sneaker collection, made it a unique orthodontic experience. I'm thrilled with the results, and I've also scheduled appointments for my kids, confident that Dobie Orthodontist will provide them with excellent care in the future. It's truly a remarkable choice for all things orthodontics.
Michael MontefuscoMichael Montefusco
20:02 18 Sep 23
Dr. Dobie is the best orthodontist ever. Professional, courteous, competent. Everyone on his team is the same way. Never waited more than 10 minutes to be seen. All this in one of the coolest offices I've ever been in. I mean what Dr.s office has old school arcade games and a DJ... Yes a DJ ....! If you or your kids need an orthodontist, don't hesitate. We drive 40 minutes to see him!

FAQs - Branford

We offer free orthodontic consultations for our community, and we are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. At dobie revolution orthodontics you will always be treated like a family member, and we are excited for you to join our family.

It does not hurt at all to get braces put on. The soreness that people talk about happens about 3 – 5 hours later, and it is best described as a dull ache. Whenever your teeth are feeling sore, it is usually more comfortable to eat softer foods. In these situations, over-the-counter pain medications can help to ease the pain (Ibuprofen / Advil works the best). Sometimes after adjustment appointments your teeth might be sore as well, but it’s usually much less than at the beginning.

Unfortunately this does not happen. Research shows that teeth typically worsen over time, and if you have crowding now it will only increase the older you get. As we age, teeth tend to shift and erupt leading to more orthodontic problems. The good news – once teeth have been corrected with treatment, you can keep them straight with the help of retainers.

Our goal is to help you achieve a beautiful smile along with a balanced facial profile. Due to advances in technology, extraction of permanent teeth during orthodontic treatment is much less common than it once was. However, in cases of severe crowding and severe bite discrepancies, extractions may still be necessary. Discussing your various treatment options is a very important part of our consultation process.

Patients should brush their teeth at least 3X times per day during orthodontic treatment. This ensures that all food and plaque are removed from around the braces after each meal. It is very important to not only brush your teeth frequently, but also to spend a full 2 minutes brushing each time. Brushing above the brackets near the gum line is the most important area to focus on. Flossing between your teeth should also be an important part of your daily routine, and purchasing a waterpik is always a great idea to help with this.

Yes, but it’s not forever! Once treatment begins, we will explain which foods and food types to avoid. Generally speaking really sticky and really crunchy foods are the ones you need to avoid. Breaking brackets always slows down treatment and keeps you in braces longer!

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